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Registered Billing Agencies and Clearinghouses are displayed below.

The letter ‘T’ in an EDI transaction column indicates the submitter is testing transaction submissions but is not yet approved for production. The letter ‘P’ in an EDI transaction column indicates the trading partner is approved to submit production transactions.

Billing Agencies that are not yet approved to submit EDI may use web-forms to submit transactions. Access to web form entry is indicated by an ‘X’ in the column ‘Form Entry’. If you intend to use a Billing Agency to submit transactions (claims, referrals, etc.) that is not approved to submit EDI transactions, please check with the Billing Agency to verify they are prepared to submit transactions using web forms.

TypeCompanyPhoneWebsiteForm Entry837P-5010837I-5010837D-5010270-5010276-5010834-5010278-5010
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Billing AgencyAnesthesia Business Consultants800-516-5315 XP   P  
Billing AgencyCFH Billing Service208-275-9551 XP      
Billing AgencyClinicCare, LLC208-552-1222 XP      
Billing AgencyClinix Medical Information Services, LLC270-441-7337www.clinixmis.comXP      
Billing AgencyCommunity Connect208-381-4125www.stlukesonline.comXP      
Billing AgencyEPBS-intermedix800-962-3303 XP  P   
Billing AgencyEssential Consulting LLC408-270-6181 X   P   
Billing AgencyFazzi Associates Inc.413-207-2722 X T     
Billing AgencyHC Billing Services Group, LLC208-639-1264 XPP